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A big thanks goes out to our title sponsors, @ReactionAV as they will be providing OP Live Dallas' event technology you'll see this weekend!


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‼️ Announcing OP Live Dallas Fortnite Pro Team Rosters tomorrow. Stay tuned ‼️

#eSports | #Fortnite | #Dallas

Congrats to OP Live Dallas Guest, @Topgunthegreat, for the #FallSkirmish invite!

OP Live will be a good test for ya πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

Another Texas team comes to hopefully keep the OP Live title in Texas.

Welcome to the OP Live Dallas Collegiate Overwatch Tournament, @txwes_esports! ‡️


#eSports | #Overwatch | #Dallas

If you’re planning on seeing @DallasFuel you might want to check this out ‡️