Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay is a Texas based cosplayer known for her attention to detail in her creations. She prides herself in being self-taught and always pushing to learn new materials and techniques when creating a cosplay.Tiffany started her cosplay adventure in 2008, during her high school years attending and receiving various awards at local Texas conventions. Tiffany hopes to bring her material expertise to others through her social media and live streams to help inform and inspire other cosplayers to experiment and learn new techniques to create cosplay! Check out her works Here



yo_boy_roy is PS4, PC content creator and streamer for Rainbow Six Siege from Texas. He specializes in tips/tricks videos and funny moments. Member/content creator of Disrupt Gaming. Check out his videos Here



Live streamer, artist and entertainer. Gubba offers campy humor on her G-Rated streams, where “G” stands for Goodness, Gamer, Gourmet and Gerrr! . Check out her videos Here



Nerd by day, Content Creator by night! PinkMeatBall has been playing games since he was 12 years old. The very first game that he played was return to castle wolfenstein, and that led to him all the way to become an awesome Mixer streamer! Check out his videos Here



Rover does mostly blind play thrus of games he stream. He does no research or watch videos on any of these games you will see out here. He says “Trying to figure it out for fun is the best way to play!”. Check out his videos Here


L7 TopGun

L7 TopGun ranked 27th in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish. If you like a funny nerd and love pandas then he’s the streamer your gonna wanna watch!Check out his videos Here



Wargaming Community Coordinator , Twitch & Discord partner, through smiles and tears, laughs and mispronunciations, good jokes and Fem’s bad ones, her “Femily” has developed into a true group of friends. Check out her videos Here



Goes by Soda or Chelsey! Lives for survival games and coffee. Her stream is pretty much a limbo dance of us trying to make each other laugh. Check out her videos Here


Reclaim Joey

Reclaimjoey is the streamer you can count on! Genuine to the core and bringing the no nonsense entertainment and humor that your body needs! . Check out his videos Here


Care Level Zero

Veteran game designer (BioWare, EA, Activision, etc.) of 13 years & live reviewer, so I tend to be extremely busy. I host Radio Zero on, where we stream the niche games you might have loved if you’d ever played them. Check out his videos Here



 A full time variety broadcaster here on Twitch. a Hospital Corpsman Navy Vet, and a Texas local. Check out her videos Here



Partnered Twitch streamer and Austin local, we are excited to have PhallofPhariss join us! Check out his videos Here


Frostbite Cosplay

Frostbite Cosplay is an award winning fabrication team based in Arlington, Texas. Since starting in 2014, they have completed 31 full costumes from sources including Overwatch, How to Train Your Dragon, Metroid, My Little Pony, Street Sharks, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and many more. They have won numerous awards for their work and were recently awarded “Best in Show” at Fan Expo Dallas 2017 for their Mei and Reinhardt builds. Check out their works Here


R Squared Cosplay

Texas cosplay couple, Rachel and Ryan! R Squared Cosplay is local to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. This cosplay couple has been bringing their favorite characters to life for two and a half years and have won numerous awards at their favorite conventions.. Check out their works Here


But Why Tho?

Kate, the scholar, Adrian, the average joe, and Matt, the numbers guy are the texan hosts of the But Why Tho podcast. Their episodes focus on the conversations they have with their listeners on Twitter and Facebook; about how the fandoms and activities we talk about matter to them! And when they say fans, they don’t mean their fans, they mean the fans that make pop culture matter. Check out their works Here