Esports is a brand-new industry with some incredible of stories of perseverance, dedication, and ultimately success. We know you have a passion for esports, and video games, but turning that passion in to a career in the industry seems impossible….that’s why we’re working with streamers, developers, organizers, and professional teams to share real stories of how they got started in the industry, and how they turned a passion into a career. We will bring you success stories that you can learn from and motivate you to get a head start in this rapidly growing career sector; no matter what your background is.



John Davidson

Head of Gamestop Partnerships

9:15 PM Powered Talk – Saturday September 22nd

John leads GameStop’s eSports and partnership efforts, identifying brands and developing strategy for opportunities that bring value to our customers. He provides valuable insight on how you don’t need to be a pro player, or have thousands of followers to make huge waves in gaming or esports. Anyone and everyone has a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape this emerging competitive landscape.


Geoff Moore

President and COO of Envy Gaming

2:45 PM Powered Talk – Saturday September 22nd

Geoff Moore was hired as President and COO of Envy Gaming in July 2018. Moore, a 25- year veteran in sports marketing and fan experiences, joins a gowing leadership team in Dallas focused on building excitement locally, nationally and internationally around the region’s best esports teams. Prior to joining Envy Gaming, Moore spent 18 years with the Dallas Stars and worked with the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin.


Mark “Garvey” Candella

Director of Strategic Partnerships for Twitch

Garvey currently leads the Twitch Student program and has dedicated himself to creating gaming and esports opportunities for students and universities around the world. From humble beginnings as a Magic the Gathering professional player in 1993 and an avid pen and paper role player prior to that, he has been involved in the esports industry in various ways ever since. His message of inclusiveness, diversity, and collaboration is a personal philosophy deeply ingrained in every project he works on.”


Aaron “Aero” Atkins

Head Coach of the Dallas Fuel

Aaron “Aero” Atkins is the head coach of the Dallas Fuel franchise in the Overwatch League. He is experienced working with internationally diverse rosters and is widely respected as an Overwatch analyst. After joining the Dallas Fuel near the end of the 2018 season, Atkins lead the team through a turnaround and to a Stage 4 playoff berth. Players and management alike credit his unique coaching style in instrumental to the Fuel’s late season success


Kevin “Kebunbun” Hoang

Account Manager for Twitch

Kevin “Kebunbun” Hoang is the Account Manager for Twitch. Kevin currently works on the Twitch Student program and has dedicated himself to creating gaming and esports opportunities for students and universities around the world. Prior to Twitch, Kevin founded the Washington Gaming Association at University of Washington and analyst at Team SoloMid.


Charles Egenbacher

Project Manager at Epic Games

Charles is a technical project manager at Epic Games, focusing on Fortnite audio and VR/AR on the Unreal Engine. From SMU Guildhall to Sony Entertainment to Riot Games to Epic Games, a hardcore gamer at heart who took his incredible passion and turned it into an even more incredible career.


Ryan Musselman

President Trigger Fish

SVP, Global Partnerships, Infinite Esports & Entertainment

Ryan Musselman is an early pioneer in the convergence of digital media and esports, with over 10 years of industry experience, and is one of the original founders of OpTic gaming, the world’s most-engaged esports organization. He was instrumental in the development and scale of Machinima’s 10,000-strong network of gaming influencers, prior to joining Google to develop YouTube’s gaming and esports vertical. Ryan now leverages his history of industry-defining expertise as President of Triggerfish, the partnerships entity behind OpTic Gaming, Houston Outlaws and Infinite Esports and Entertainments portfolio of companies, as well as Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at Infinite Esports & Entertainment.


Tyler Schrodt

Founder & CEO

Tyler Schrodt is the founder and CEO of the Electronic Gaming Federation. Tyler started in esports in 2001 as a Counterstrike 1.6 player and tournament organizer and spent 6 years working in higher education before founding EGF in 2013 while studying finance at RIT. Today, EGF oversees a national league for some of the largest colleges in the United States and the first-state endorsed national high school esports league in the country.