Worried your child is playing too many video games? Fear not! We have created a series of presentations to help you understand esports and how it fits in with your child’s life. We want to help you understand and share the same experience your children love. As well as inform you of the opportunities that may be available to your child in this rapidly growing, billion dollar industry. From esports, to game design, to influencer streamer, to the thousands of supporting roles and businesses in between, gaming has come a long way from what it once was.

We will also have a Parent Lost & Found Lounge where parents can sit and relax yet be close by to their children at the event.



Parent Workshop Schedule:


  • 10:45 am:  Social Communities in Games by Eli Luna
  • 11:15 am:  Debunking Video Game Myths by Robert Atkins
  • 2:00 pm:  Extra Life & Children’s Miracle Network
  • 2:30 pm:  A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Esports by Lean Mateos
  • 5:45 pm:  Career Opportunities in Games by Adam Radford
  • 6:00 pm:  How My Education Helps Me at Gearbox by Mario Rodriguez