Sixteen universities will compete in a collegiate Overwatch tournament powered by the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy. Invited Colleges will get a chance to prove themselves in front of head coach Aero and members of the Dallas Fuel. Watch as rivals arise, and competitors fall until one remains as the Over Powered Champ!



Who will become

OP Live Champ?





Other Teams include:
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
University of Texas at Arlington
Texas Christian University
Abilene Christian University
Texas Tech University
University of Oklahoma
Baylor University

Come meet members of the Dallas Fuel Team, and watch some of your favorite college rivals battle it out!


The tournament will consist of two stages, a double-elimination group stage and a single elimination knockout stage. The top two teams from each four-team group will advance to the knockout stage.

The group stage will follow GSL formatting to ensure consistent number of games. In each group, there will be two matches to begin the stage. The winner of each of these matches play against each other, and the winner of that match will advance as the first seed out of the group at a record of 2-0. The loser of this match plays the winner of the loser’s match to determine who will be the second seed at a record of 2-1.

After the group stage, the remaining teams will compete in the knockout stage. Quarter finals will be Bo3 between the first and second seed from different groups. The winner of each quarter final will advance to the semi-final which is also a best of three. The remaining two teams will compete in a single Bo5 in the finals.

Maps and matchups

Maps and matchups for each round will be announced day of the event.


The Overwatch tournament will take place on Saturday September 22nd. A quick overview of the match schedule:
Time Event
8:15-8:45 AM Player check-in
9:00 AM Group Stage
12:00 PM Quarter Final 1
1:15 PM Quarter Final 2 and 3 (QF 3 is off stage)
2:30 PM Quarter Final 4 (off stage)
3:15 PM Semi Final 1
4:30 PM Semi Final 2
6:45 PM Final Match
8:45 PM Closing Ceremony

Check-in Information
Students participating in the tournament need to bring a valid ID and student ID for registration.

– Saturday, September 22 from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. The games will be streamed on